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Nimrod Shoot Information

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Parker, Fox, L.C. Smith, 21, 12, 97, 31, Holland and Holland, Purdy and Westley Richards. If these mean something to you, then you’re probably an afficionado of these great old vintage shotguns. “Vintage” is any breech-loading side-by-side made before 1941, or pump or long-recoil semi-automatic whose model was first made before 1951.

Come join us for a fun, two day shoot full of camaraderie and vintage shotgun appreciation.

The ‘Guv’nor’s Cup’ 60 targets for vintage breech-loading Side-by-Sides.

Short-Shuckers’ Sub-gauge Pump Event 60 targets for 16 gauge or smaller pump guns.

The ‘Vintage Open’ 100 targets for any vintage gun.

The Nimrod ‘SxS Classic’ 100 targets for most any Side-by-Side.

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